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Krystle Gossett: INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH!!!
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When I decided to join Shaklee I was desperate to get some relief during my 1st pregnancy. I was having severe leg cramps, headaches, slept terrible, had no energy, and was usually exhausted before my day even started. Although, some of those ailments are common during pregnancy I still was willing to give Shaklee a try since it was 100% guaranteed to work! I had been using various top brands from the Health Food Store that came highly recommended. I wasn’t convinced that changing brands to Shaklee would really make a big difference, but WOW…was I ever wrong! Changing brands really did change my life! Although, the labels I had been using compared to the dosages on Shaklee labels looked very similar, the results after taking Shaklee supplements improved my ailments to the point where I never had another leg cramp, no more headaches, I began sleeping so well, and I had the energy to go go go even days before delivering our first daughter, Aleeyah! I naturally told everyone about the transformation in my health thanks to Shaklee!

During my first pregnancy I had gained 39lbs. The first 20lbs. fell off fairly easy after delivery and breastfeeding. I began my old pre-baby workout routine and slowly began losing the weight along with healthy nutrition, but I was not satisfied with my new “mommy shape!” However, the last 10lbs were not coming off as easy as the first 29lbs.I longed to be fit again with great muscle tone and even more than that I longed to be full of energy again.  9 months after having our first child I began the Shaklee 180 Lean & Healthy Kit! WOW, what a difference it made in my life. I exceeded my goal to get back to my pre-baby, and even lost an extra 5lbs. The greatest part of Shaklee 180 was how it helped reshape by body and my energy. It was so natural for me to share with others my Shaklee 180 transformation.

I used Shaklee products for before, during, and after our 2nd daughter, Tenley, was born and then impact on my health was amazing! The 2nd time around I was not concerned in the slightest on how to lose the extra baby weight as well as get lean and toned again! The secret? Shaklee 180 because it works! It is the most healthy and nutritious way to lose weight and inches for good. This leucine-enhanced formula helps you keep muscle you have, burn fat you don't need, and lose inches you don't want.


Shaklee 180, Vitalizer (daily vitamin strip), and other nutritional products have transformed our lives! We quickly changed brands to Shaklee in our cleaning products, skincare products, and children’s health products as well! I have a passion to help other people experience what I have experienced by using all 5 Shaklee Product Lines. Being able to offer this gift to others, Shaklee has become my career as I work part time from home and with delight as I partner with others to help their dreams come true. People have 3 ways to join Shaklee: 1. USE the products where they save money and feel & look better. 2. SHARE the products and get their products FREE. 3. BUILD a team of like-minded people and earn significant income and rewards.

The Lord has used Shaklee to bless our family’s health, but also has been a financial blessing. Shaklee has helped my dreams come true of being a stay-at-home-Mommy. My degree is in Elementary Education. I taught 2nd grade for 5 years and loved it, but now I get to teach from home by sharing Shaklee with others and help by impacting people’s lives through better health and a better quality of life financially. I work part-time, fitting Shaklee into the nooks and crannies of my day. But, the best part…I get to experience one of the greatest joys of life, raising our children at home. I am now a Senior Coordinator making substantial income, drive a 2013 Honda Odyssey paid for by Shaklee, have gone on 3 all-expense paid trips, and will be traveling to Playa Del Carmen this winter for the all-inclusive Shaklee Dream Trip!  I would love to share more about my Shaklee experience with you and how it just might be a perfect fit for you as well! Car